March 19, 2017

Bored Or Talented? Make Money Blogging From Your Desk

Love to write? Love to share your experiences and learning with the world? Then why not make money out of it? Blogging is the new go to profession that requires no basic qualification or graduation. Anyone and everyone can blog and today, they can even make good money out of it.

Write Blogs

One can write a number of blogs and make money by publishing it online. The more the number of people who access and read your blog, the more the money you can make. One does not need much experience or expertise all that is required is a vivid imagination to make your content sound interesting and a rich language as no one is going to read pages of badly written English or any language.

Blogging today is like writing a column in a newspaper. It belongs to one person and the writer has followers who are waiting for the next piece. Though anyone can blog, only the good ones can stay and earn money.

With a number of free software and options available online, one can kick start their blogging career all by themselves, sitting at home, without any help from any experts.

Video Blogging

Video blogging is also a big attraction today. Thanks to the high speed internet connectivity and smartphones, people can watch videos while waiting for the bus or even in the doctor’s office. When you cater to a particular segment of people like kids or blog about something specific like travel or cooking, you are bound to get followers who will start watching every video posted by you. The more the people, more is the money earned.

Want To Make Money Blogging?

Wondering what you can blog about? Here are a few options and ides

Cooking – Video blogging of various recipes and dishes is a huge hit in today’s fast paced world. Everyone is getting health conscious and wants a home cooked meal but have no idea as to what they can do in the limited time available to them. Video blogging about your journey in the kitchen can be a great money maker.

Other ideas include travel blogs; educational blogs, workout blogs, etc. ensure the content posted is interesting to majority of the age groups.

February 28, 2017

What Powers Do Debt Collectors Have

Falling behind on your bills and getting in debt is never ideal and if you find yourself getting calls from debt collectors then you might be wondering what powers they actually have and what your own rights are. You’ll be pleased to know that consumers tend to be in a stronger position than collection agencies. You have a lot of rights and you’re well protected by the Federal Trade Commission, although, they do have some powers, some of which I’ll explain to you here.

A lot of people think they have more powers than they do. Some of the things they can’t do are arrest you, seize your wages, intimidate you, force you to pay or tell anyone else, including your employer, that you are in debt with them. So what can they do..?

They Can Sue

They can of course sue you, just as any company or individual can sue. If they take this path you’ll get plenty of written warning, so don’t worry too much. Generally before they take this path they’ll send you a final demand letter. Many companies will just send “final demand” letters as a legal way to intimidate you. They’ll have no intention of actually sueing, as in many cases it’s not worth the cost for them.

In the rare cases that a debt collection agency does take legal action against you(Unless you live in the state of Nebraska, in which case it’s not rare at all!), you’ll receive official notification, otherwise known as a court summons. The court summons will almost always be delivered in person or through certified mail.

It’s crucial that you do show up to your hearing date. Debt collection companies prefer it when you don’t show up so that a default judgement is issued against you by the judge, in which case the court can seize a part of your earnings to pay the debt.

Even if you don’t have an attorney, you should still go to court to argue your case, because if you don’t turn up at all then it’s guaranteed that you’ll lose the case and the maximum amount of your income will be seized.