To a beginner, trading binary options may look simple; but someone who is experienced knows how hard it is. It is difficult to get consistent returns. To learn about trading binary options, you can read the following books.

Exotic Options Trading

By – Frans De Weert

The author was a trader in Barclay’s capital. The author has written about binary options from his experience. You will know about the necessary tools that are used to understand the exotic options. The book can be used as a manual for the trader. It can be used to manage price and risk of options. You will read about various practical examples of trading various types of the binary options contract.

Binary Betting

By – John Piper

He is a successful derivatives trader. In was an active trader in the mid-80’s. In this book, he shares his trading experience. In this book, he talks about the theoretical approach to binary options, the various kinds of bets that are available for trading, etc.

How to Trade Binary Options Successfully

By – Meir Liraz

The author is a small business management expert. You will find the basic concepts of binary options trading here. You will be able to find the thugs in the binary options trading business after reading this book.

Strategies for Directional and Volatility Trading

By – Alex Nekritin

The author has many years of experience in Forex trading. This book is ideal for both the beginners and the professionals. You will learn the basic concepts of this trade here. There are graphical illustrations of practical trading examples.

All these books will be helpful for both the beginners and the professional binary options traders. You should read these books to improve your knowledge on binary options trading.